Stars. Sguardi sonori 10th anniversary

04/09 - 14/09/2014
Museo Pietro Canonica a Villa Borghese

In celebration of its 10th Anniversary, Sguardi Sonori 2014 will feature a Contemporary Art Festival with international artists, organized by the Cultural Association FaticArt.

The connective line that flows through the exhibition is that of the PORTRAIT: It features two converging installations: 50 physical Portraits dedicated to Carlo Fatigoni by artists of Sguardi Sonori, and 80 Sound Portraits by Italian and international artists. There will also be site-specific installations by the FaticArt Association and artists Piero Mottola and Florindo Rilli. The inauguration day will include performances by Mita Medici, Imma Piro, Tomaso Binga, Mimma Pisani, Gaia Riposati and Roberta Vezzosi.
Also, on September 3rd will be presented various video on the Project INFINITE SPACES, which should take place in May of 2015,  homage of Rome to all participants of the Milan Universal Expo.


Museo Pietro Canonica a Villa Borghese
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Tuesday - Sunday 1.00pm - 7.00pm
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Tel. 060608 every day from 9.00 to 21.00

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