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Most of the Municipality Museums are accessible to everyone.
Although the historical character of the buildings prevents, in some cases, the total removal of the architectural barriers, many museums have installed elevators, stairlifts and services suitable for visitors with impaired mobility.
Our museums offer a wide range of tools and programs specifically designed for adults and children with disabilities.

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Accessibility for visitors with mobility disabilities

Icona disabili motori

The Museo Pietro Canonica is a House Museum. In addition to the exhibition rooms, therefore, the private flat and the artist's studio are also part of the tour. The Museum is located in a seventeenth-century building in the Villa Borghese and consequently there are some architectural barriers that are currently difficult to remove. However, a number of aids (stair lifts and platforms), together with the availability of the custodial staff, make it possible to visit the ground floor, with all the exhibition rooms and a large part of the private flat: the reception hall, known as the Fireplace Room due to the presence of a magnificent 16th century fireplace, and the suggestive artist's studio, with the intimate atmosphere of a place of inspiration and creativity.

Although the museum does not currently have adequate toilets, it does have a bathroom on the ground floor that is large enough to accommodate a wheelchair.
A wheelchair is available inside the museum on request for those who have difficulty walking.

The Pietro Canonica Museum also houses the Villa Borghese Sculpture Depot, located on the basement floor, and consisting of an open space, the lower garden of the Museum, and an exhibition room where works from the Borghese Collection, originally located to decorate the park, are kept. It is accessible from outside the museum via a slightly downhill gravel driveway. Once past the entrance gate, you enter the garden and, after a short cobblestone walkway, a convenient ramp leads to the interior of the exhibition space.

How to reach the Pietro Canonica Museum

Access to the museum by car with a badge:
- access to the museum is permitted from Piazzale delle Canestre and Viale Pietro Canonica as far as the museum where you can park (driveway in front of the museum or along the side avenue).
Access to the museum by taxi:
- access to the museum from Piazzale delle Canestre and Viale Pietro Canonica.
Access to the museum in a wheelchair:
- from Piazzale delle Canestre and Viale Pietro Canonica (slightly downhill and then uphill on the driveway);
- from Piazzale Pablo Picasso and Viale di Valle Giulia (uphill on the driveway);
- from Via Pinciana and Viale dei Cavalli Marini (flat route on the driveway).

Routes for blind and visually impaired visitors

Icona disabili visivi

The Pietro Canonica Museum provides the blind and visually impaired public with a small publication in Braille language describing La Fortezzuola, the seventeenth-century historic building that houses the Museum. Since 2016, routes and descriptive cards have been created to support and prepare for guided tactile tours. It is possible to discover the works and routes that are the subject of tactile visits periodically organised at the museum by specialised staff.

Accessibility for deaf visitors

LIS (Italian Signs Language) 

The Pietro Canonica Museum has produced two LIS videos describing the museum and the Villa Borghese sculpture deposit, both installed at the museum entrance and also available online.

LIS video Museo Pietro Canonica

LIS video Villa Borghese sculpture deposit

Guided tour
Museo Pietro Canonica a Villa Borghese
01 January - 31 December 2024
Una visita guidata tattile-sensoriale con operatori specializzati disponibile su richiesta.
Thematic visit
Museo Pietro Canonica a Villa Borghese
02 January - 31 December 2024
Una visita guidata tattile-sensoriale all'interno del deposito delle sculture con operatori specializzati disponibile su richiesta.
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