Room VII

Room VII is the room of par excellence of portraits, except for the three allegorical works: the Abyss, Torso of a woman and Modesty. The area that connects the museum with the private apartment looks like a corridor, with an array of busts (almost all models are in plaster, patinated plaster, bronze and terracotta) placed on shelves along the walls and a selection of allegorical works in marble are placed in the centre.

Sala VII

The eminent personalities portrayed here are the leading figures of more than half a century: Italian, European and Egyptian and Turkish aristocrats, politicians, writers and scientists, all of them are immortalized by Pietro Canonica in his works: among these are the busts of Luigi Einaudi, King Fuad of Egypt, Guglielmo Marconi, Vittorio Scialoja, Sidney Sonnino, Edward VIII of England, Virginia Agnelli Bourbon del Monte, Vittorio Emanuele and Maria Pia of Savoy, and many others.